Protect Your application with Apache Shiro

Apache Shiro is a Java security framework that performs four kind of operations such as authentication, authorization, cryptography and session management. Can use in any kind of web applications or mobile applications. It provide a security API for perform the above tasks.

Advantages of Apache Shiro

  • Easy to use
              Using and Implementing is very easy.
  • Comprehensive
            There is no other security framework can compare to Apache shiro. It provide wide range of security aspects.
  • Flexible
           Can work in any application like Web or EJB.
  • Pluggable
           Can integrate with many other framework like Apache camel, Spring , Vaadin , Grails.

Shiro was 5 years old and previously know as Jsecurity project. There were no other alternatives for java security but the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS). But in JAAS also have some issues with cryptographic. Java cryptographic architecture was hard to understand and it did not use as usual. But in Apache Shiro it gives flexible security for Java developers add security there applications.

Furtherer References : Apache Shiro Home Page  


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