How To Run Vaadin Applications in Intellij IDEA

In this article I'm going to show you how to run vaadin applications with Intellij IDEA. Vaadin provide some plugins for Eclipse and Netbeans. But for Intellij IDEA there are no plugins yet. But to deploy vaadin app is easier than other two IDEs.

Here are the steps that you want to follow.

1. First Create a New Project , File --> New Project --> Create Project From Scratch --> Give sample_vaadin as application name and select Java module click Next --> Next.
Now Select Web Application as Technology and click Finish.

2. Now create a lib folder in web/WEB-INF/lib and copy the vaadin jar file into the folder. You can get the latest vaadin jar file . Now the Project hierarchy looks like this.

3.After that File --> Project Structure --> Artifacts . In below you can see some error and click Fix button. That will add vaadin jar file to your exploded war. Now Click OK.

4. To deploy your application you need a web server. So in here I use tomcat 7. To config it,
Run --> Edit Configuration --> Click + sign -->Select Tomcat --> localhost .
Give vaadin as Name and Select tomcat as Application Server (If the server is not there Click configure and goto the tomcat path it will automatically recognize it)

5. Now create some hello world programme according to vaadin book and click the Run button to deploy it.


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